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Technical data

  • 100% global real-time tracking via Iridium satellite, GSM, 3G/4G, GPS + Galileo

  • Automatic dead man’s switch with PAUSE & REST function (prevents false alarms)

  • Adjustable release scenarios such as HALT, HEIGHT, ZONE, CRASH

  • Manual SOS as well as cancellation of each alarm possible (enables tests)

  • Unlimited levels & zones, ad-hoc/dynamic roaming geofences (e.g. for teams)

  • Live feedback on the unit in case of automatic alarm triggering (e.g. when leaving the safe zone)

  • Flexible alerting, 2-step escalation: first team/friends, then 112 / 911 / GEOS

  • Alerting via SMS, email, Telegram, webhooks possible

  • Each alarm detection can be individually restricted to certain times of the day

  • Global 2-way text communication with the A*LIVE (SMS, email and more)

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