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A*LIVE General

UPDATE History

Firmware version 24.0.4 + 2.11 (released on January 20, 2024)

  • Fix: improved transfer to the app for received SMS/emails
  • Fix: various stability improvements
  • Fix: prevents automatic reset by motion during charging, now only wakes up after the end of the charging process

Firmware version 23.3.2 + 1.71.3 (released on October, 20th, 2023).

  • New: Assisted GPS - improved tracking in case of poor or no GPS reception (in mobile phone range, shows orange TRACK-LED)
  • New: Transmission of charging process (when device is switched on)

Firmware Version 23.2.4 + 1.71.3 (released June, 20th, 2023)

  • New: Improved use of GPS and Galileo
  • New: Display of free text messages going out from the app (blue MSG LED)
  • New: Super Low Power Mode (2x POWER button -> Double flashing POWER-LED)
  • Change: Dark Mode also disables Buzzer and light for new incoming messages c
  • Fix: Advanced CRASH detection
  • Fix: Show Extended Fall Asleep timer after charging: green 2x/sec
  • Fix: SleepShutdown only when Battery not charging
  • Fix: Receiving messages (SMS/emails) reliably even after changing networks

Firmware Version 23.0.1 + 1.71.3 (released Feb, 9th, 2023)

  • Fix: Improved roaming in exotic networks

Firmware Version 22.9.5 + 1.70.3 (released Nov, 29th, 22)

  • Fix: Immediate switch off before first server connection (in the first 30 seconds after switch on).
  • Fix: Display of incoming and outgoing messages in alarm mode

Firmware version 22.9.3 + 1.70.3 (released Nov, 4th, 2022)

  • NEW: New LED mode for colour blind (red/green weakness) & Darkmode available (3x fast TRACK button)

Firmware version 22.8.1 + 1.70.3 (released Oct, 6th, 2022)

  • NEW: Barometric Altitude Measurement with Auto-Calibration
  • NEW: Barometric vertical speed (negative = down / positive = up)
  • Fix: More stable Iridium connection
  • Fix: Current SmartSafety status on device (if Feedback on Device is enabled in TRACE)
  • Fix: More stable connection to smartphone app, especially on certain Android models.

Firmware version 22.7.5:

  • Fix for wake-up function only for certain hardware version.

Firmware version 22.7.4 + 1.60.3 (released August 10th 2022)

  • Fix of the delayed power off
  • Compatibility with almost all induction chargers (QI 1.2)
  • Power consumption reduced by 70% when switched off

Firmware version 22.7.1:

  • FreeFall detection (in profile under CRASH)

Firmware Version 22.6.9: + 0.55.1

  • New watchdog ensures automatic reset in case of unstable connection
  • Change of rescue control centre to FocusPoint International
  • SOS can also be triggered and terminated by a long press on the SOS button

Firmware version 22.5.6:

  • Motionless timer (seconds in motionlessness) is not reset in case of remote alarm, a manual CANCEL-SOS is required (3x times SOS button)
  • Avoids CRASH event on power-up
  • Distinguishes between manual POWER-ON or automatic WAKEUP at the first event after start-up
  • Bugfix: Type of remote alarm in ALIVE APP / Chat “SmartSafety” now displayed more clearly

Firmware version 22.2.4 (released on 11.02.2022)

  • Significant improvement of iridium satellite connection (more stable and faster transmission as well as lower power consumption)
  • Energy-saving mode in satellite mode (network LED off) leads to doubled runtime
  • Manual network switch (iridium / GSM) possible with 3x LIGHT button (recommended for use at sea or in regions far from any mobile phone networks)
  • Better detection for CRASH
  • Safe switch-off (3x POWER button) after 10 minutes at the latest, even without network connection
  • Immediate display of the pause function (2x TRACK button -> blue LED)
  • New function: Sleep after motionlessness can be changed between 15 and 60 minutes (2x POWER button)
  • New function: Notification of SmartSafety events in the ALIVE App under Chats/SmartSafety (provided “Alarm” and “Feedback on device” are active in TRACE ->)


ProteGear and the ProteGear logo are trademarks of Global SafeTrack Systems GmbH and are registered in the EU and other countries. These trademarks may only be used with the express permission of Global SafeTrack Systems GmbH. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG. Iridium is a trademark of Iridium Satellite LLC. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


RESET: Press the POWER button during charging.

The A*LIVE can load its own updates! You will be informed by e-mail when a new update is available.

GSM/4G network coverage

A chipSIM is built into the A*LIVE, which can log into almost all GSM (2G/4G) networks worldwide. It automatically connects to the best available network at the respective location. In the 4G range, the new “NB-IoT” technology according to NB1 / M1 standard is used, which is currently being released by more and more countries.

Iridium switching**

After 10 minutes without GSM or 4G connection, the A*LIVE will try to establish a connection via Iridium (LED #4 changes from flashing to steady light). In Iridium mode, the A*LIVE searches for a GSM/4G connection every 12-15 minutes and connects to it again if necessary.

Depending on the tariff type (e.g. ALIVE BASIC), the satellite tariff does not work if you switch off the device in GSM mode and then switch it on again in an area without GSM coverage (Iridium coverage)!

Please refer to the information on your tariff!


Special features for certain countries

  • For use in Russia, pre-registration is required at (In the form, field “Iridium Device” indicate: “Other Iridium Device”, then in the field IMEI the number “3004340” and then the 8-digit number on the back of your A*LIVE).

  • For Turkey, if used for more than 90 days per year, a declaration at import (customs) is required.