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Charging / Battery


  1. place the A*LIVE centrally on the QI (inductive charging) charging pad.

  2. make sure that the charging pad is activated (e.g. when using PowerBanks without power connection). Should the ALIVE be completely empty, the placement may be “sensitive” to a few millimetres.

During the charging process, the blue LED on the charger lights up - in addition, only on the switched-on A*LIVE the POWER LED #1 lights up red, when 100 % green.

Charging time with empty battery approx. 2 hours

10 seconds after disconnecting from the charger, the A*LIVE can be switched on


Smart Battery Saver

For maximum operating time, your unit will go to sleep on its own if it is not moved for more than 15 minutes. As soon as it feels a vibration, it goes back into operation. When the battery level is about 10%, the A*LIVE switches itself off to save energy for emergencies. You can then use the A*LIVE again for a few minutes before it switches off again.

How can I still save the battery?

Pack the A*LIVE warmly and do not place the device under roofs etc. while it is switched on! In Iridium mode, the device regularly connects to the satellite to search for new messages that may be waiting for you - even if the tracking mode is deactivated. Therefore, you should allow a clear view of the sky so that not too much energy is needed for this connection to satellites.

The A*LIVE falls asleep and wakes up by itself under the following conditions:

  • 15 min absolute standstill

  • GPS speed 0 km/h