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Why GlobalMail?

ProteGear offers real and completely independent email addresses for your A*LIVE for all term contracts. This makes global email communication possible for the first time at uniform, low costs in the remotest corners of the earth, on all oceans and even the poles: 100% Global!

A personal e-mail address for your A*LIVE has already been created here. ( You can create filters, length limits and a CC address so that messages addressed to the unit are also forwarded to your “normal” email, e.g. when the A*LIVE is switched off.

How do I use the GlobalMail?

  1. preset messages that are created under the handlers and sent directly on the A*LIVE.
  2. use the app under Chats, you can send SMS and receive and send text messages via email, Telegram.

For changes to the current configuration (default value: 160 characters, no filters) or setting up an additional desired address, please go to → TRIPSHARE → GLOBALMAIL

Signatures, quotes from previous mail traffic, HTML elements are generally not transmitted.

What additional services can I use?