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What is SmartSafety?

Call for help … even if you can no longer do it yourself! Automatic monitoring & emergency call system for early detection of critical situations. Reduces rescue response times by up to 90%. With companion rescue navigation.

Why SmartSafety?

Every year, more than 20,000 people have accidents in the outdoor sector. It usually only becomes critical when friends and helpers do not become aware soon enough. Or do not know your exact position. Or no emergency call is possible at all because only 10% of the earth is covered by mobile phone networks. We deliver the missing 90% by satellite. And draw attention to you at an early stage. With your exact position.

SOS : What happens if…?

For each scenario (e.g. manual SOS or automatic crash/standstill alarm), different notification chains can be created with a 2-step escalation. Example: First SmartSafety reports your position via SMS/email to friends and team for comrade rescue. Upon their request or after a timeout, without reaction, professional rescue facilities such as mountain rescue or coast guard (via 112/GEOS) are then activated, which may communicate further with you or your stored emergency contacts.

How do I configure my SmartSafety?

Go to à SmartSafety. A default setting is already available!

  1. profiles: set the monitoring scenarios for your activity
  2. tours: set the geofences (SAFE, DANGER and REST zones)
  3. notifications: store your alarm recipients (SMS, EMail, Telegram, …)
  4. trace: compile who is alerted, when and for which event Contacts: enter the emergency contacts who can be contacted by a rescue control centre such as GEOS in the event of an SOS or escalation!


Use Telegram Messenger to save on SMS costs.

  1. Telegram app: Download the app from the AppStore or PlayStore. Create a new group with people who should receive the notifications. Then add our ChatBot with the name @ProtegearBot. Send “/chatid” as a message, a number will be sent as a reply, e.g. -986456487

  2. → SmartSafety → Expert mode - on → Notifications → + → Telegram; Create the notifications, enter the ChatID in the field provided (incl. - characters).

3 → TripShare → Handlers → + → Telegram; Create the handlers for message templates, entering the ChatID in the field provided (including - characters).

Please do not forget to save your changes (SAVE top right). You can now use the Telegram notification.

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