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Monitoring is always carried out at device level, i.e. individual devices are monitored during monitoring. devices are monitored.

However, if you have several devices, it can make sense to have different monitoring scenarios for different devices. Scenarios to define different different monitoring and alarming scenarios. In order not to have to monitor all your devices you can define device fleets. A fleet is a grouping of devices.

You can easily include one device in several fleets. If you have e.g. 20 devices and 10 of them are used at a surf spot while the other 10 are used at a mountain bike mountain bike station, it would be possible to define three fleets:

  • All Devices
    This fleet includes all devices
  • Surf Devices
    Here only the devices are contained, which are used in the surf station
  • Mountain Bike Devices
    Devices that are lent to mountain bikers are included in this fleet.

Through these three fleets, you can later on also configure three monitoring scenarios and also configure different alarms.