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TripShare (LiveTracking)

What is ProteGear TripShare?

TripShare combines map and event services for different tracking systems in a newly programmed and 100% smartphone/tablet compatible interface. The simplest function is “TripView”, which displays the current position of your A*LIVE with history & statistics.

How can I share my trips live (LiveTracking) or even completed trips with others?

Open the preset website “TripView”, with the link from our e-mail “Initial installation”.

Or under Trips → ThreePoint → Open → TripView opens

You can send this URL/link, for example, to your confidants with whom you want to share the trip. It can also be integrated into your own website or on Facebook and the like by means of an iFrame.

To create a new website/TripView with new filters: Go to à Tripshare → Trips → +

Creates a new public TripView URL.

A connection to external services such as LiveTrack24 is also possible.

What else is possible?

In addition to the individual display and the system for events (LiveTracking & LiveRanking), many other functions will be added in the future! For example, the system can also be addressed externally via REST API and thus, for example, take over the event/location from any other tracker or system and display them together.

Review and tracks can be displayed only for the last 12, 24, 48 hours or 7 days.

Additional parameters when calling a TripView URL (at the end of

Parameter/Example Function:

  • &track=all shows all tracks since start time of TripView
  • &track=IMEI1,IMEI2,… shows only the tracks of the specified IMEI numbers
  • &info=all launches the TripView web page with all info pop-ups displayed.
  • &info=IMEI1,IMEI2,… launches the TripView web page with the info pop-ups for the IMEIs displayed.
  • &zoom=6 opens a certain zoom level around a virtual polygon of all last coordinates.
  • &devices=1 show the left devices panel or =0 (default)
  • &timeline=1 show global timeline= or =0 (default)
  • &hidetitle=1 do not show the title, only the menu icon) or = 0 (default)
  • &since=PTxxH shows historical data only for xx hours before calling the page