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Barometric altitude measurement with auto-calibration on the Digital Elevation Model.

As of version 22.8.1, the A*LIVE has a barometric altitude measurement. The previously used altitude data of the 3D-GPS will only be used shortly after power on.

How it works:

After switching on, the A*LIVE first waits for a sufficiently accurate GPS location, so the device should be out in the open. As soon as the current coordinates are determined, it calculates the difference between barometric altitude measurement (which may result in a deviation due to weather conditions) and actual altitude based on NASA’s digital elevation model (resolution between 30x30 m and 90x90 m). This difference will be updated from now on, so that the further altitude data may show deviations only in case of air pressure changes due to changing weather conditions.

Likewise, the vertical speed measurement will also only be based on the barometric altitude measurement.