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Quick start

A*LIVE download. Order data tariff here!

  1. POWER ON (press and hold the POWER button for 5 seconds) before starting your activity. LED #1 and #3 flash, live tracking starts.
  2. Position the A*LIVE outdoors for at least 5 minutes until LED#3 and LED#4 are green. Open the TripView website on your PC or smartphone that we provided you with in the setup email. If you see your position on the map after a few minutes, the à TEST is OK!
  3. If the A*LIVE is not moved for more than 15 minutes, it goes to sleep to save the battery. As soon as it feels a movement or vibration, it wakes up again.
  4. switch OFF: Press the POWER button 3 times quickly after you have finished your activity. LED #1 turns orange and then switches off (network required!) Always test the unit before setting out! (Function TEST) The device is a supplement, not a substitute for other security measures!

Data tariff

In order to use the A*Live, you must choose a tariff.

  1. please select your tariff here.
  2. carry out the order
  3. further information will follow by mail


The tariff remains active until you have specified a StandBy date. Please use the form for this purpose.

Good to know!

Reset instead of switch off

If possible, please do not perform a reset to switch off the unit. PowerOff]( Press the power button 3 times.

What should not go

Switch on on the activated charging plate, a reset is carried out .

Before switching on always remove from the charger and wait 10 sec.

Important information about the tariffs

A*LIVE BASIC and Safety & Tracking

To avoid unnecessary activation of the Iridium tariff, the A*LIVE must always be switched off in the GSM network in the regular way 3 x POWER button. If you have done a RESET instead (1x POWER button on A*LIVE on activated charging pad), you have to do a normal on & off procedure again afterwards.

Daily mail informs you about the current satellite activation.